Welcome to Stanton Custom Compounding Pharmacy

Stanton Custom Compounding Pharmacy has been in business since 1990 and is located in city of Elkhart, Texas which is nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of the piney East Texas area. Our pharmacy and staff provide quick and easy services for our customers and caters specifically to their individual health and pharmacy needs. We love to build trusting, compassionate, and lasting relationships and we always put our patient's needs, care, and privacy first in the pharmaceutical industry.

Stanton Custom Compounding Pharmacy specializes in bio-Identical hormones for women and men, topical pain management, wound care, erectile dysfunction, scar treatment, weight loss medications, and an expanse of compounded veterinary medicines. We provide the highest quality compounded sterile and non-sterile medications. Each prescription is tailored specifically for every patient while keeping their wellness in mind.

With a quick medication return time, friendly atmosphere, and plenty of smiles as soon as you walk through our door, our customers love the down home feel, employees who actually care, and the compassionate attention to detail that our staff provides to ensure our customers have the healthiest lives they deserve.

Stanton Custom Compounding Pharmacy is a Proud Member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America.


Sterile compounding represents one of the most vital aspects of pharmaceutical compounding. Proper ingredients, technique, equipment and facilities are necessary to ensure the patient receives correct medication in a safe manner.